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  • Welcome to Mellow Fields!

    Customers’ satisfaction is our priority. We welcome any questions or suggestions because they are opportunities to communicate with you. Thank you for granting us this opportunity to constantly improve.

    If you have any questions or suggestions regarding Mellow Fields, please contact us through the following methods, or leave your message down below. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

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  • In accordance with the Personal Information Protection Act, Mellow Fields reminds you to carefully read the following before filling in the forms:

    1、The form you fill in is for customer service or marketing purposes. Mellow Fields will collect, deal with and utilize your personal information in accordance with the Personal Information Protection Act and our corporate policy for privacy protection.

    2、If it is not specified in the form, the personal information you provide will be used in the following time period and location, for the following purposes, and in the following ways:

    A. Time period - During the operations of Mellow Fields
    B. Location - Mellow Fields
    C. Methods of use - Use the personal information you offer to verify your identity, contact you and provide you with services and information related to the activities specified in the form.

    3、You may choose whether or not you will provide your personal information. However, if you do not provide the necessary information or if the information provided is not sufficient for verifying your true identity or to be used for the specified purpose, Mellow Fields will not be able to provide you with the assistance or services specified in the form.