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Vision of Us

A drop of sweat, an acre of farmland, a grain of rice, and a barn.
To plow in spring, to weed in summer, to reap in autumn, and to store in winter. The cycle of four seasons ensures a year full of abundant food. The name “Mellow Fields” carries the image of a happy acre of land. We wish every guest can find his/her own wonderland and irrigate it carefully. We hope every guest can find a mellow field in his/her heart.
“Mellow Fields,” just like its name, has become a fertilized field where all of us can dedicate ourselves with zeal.
Tianmu is the most ideal district for wandering in Taipei, as the famous Irish writer Oscar Wilde once said, “A map of the world that does not include Utopia is not worth even glancing at.” 
With beautiful camphor trees lining it, Zhongshan N. Rd. is the traffic artery that connects downtown Taipei and Tianmu. Tianmu is situated to the north of Taipei, neighboring famous tourist sites include Yangmingshan, Beitou, Yuanshan and the Martyrs' Shrine.
Tianmu is the Utopia of Taipei. Residents here cherish green lands surrounded by trees and a slow-paced lifestyle. 
Mellow Fields has found a field of happiness here in Tianmu and we hope to become that field of happiness in your heart.